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Stefan Ott798f4462020-06-10 03:47:09 +02001
2coreboot-4.12-284-g165efa1b86 Tue May 26 15:09:50 UTC 2020 bootblock starting (log level: 6)...
3FMAP: Found "FLASH" version 1.1 at 0x710000.
4FMAP: base = 0xff800000 size = 0x800000 #areas = 4
5FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 710200 (982528 bytes)
6CBFS: Locating 'fallback/romstage'
7CBFS: Found @ offset 80 size 1067c
8BS: bootblock times (exec / console): total (unknown) / 1 ms
11coreboot-4.12-284-g165efa1b86 Tue May 26 15:09:50 UTC 2020 romstage starting (log level: 6)...
12Setting up static southbridge registers... done.
13Disabling Watchdog reboot... done.
14Setting up static northbridge registers... done.
15SMBus controller enabled
16Setting up Chipset Initialization Registers (CIR)
17SB: Resume from S3 detected.
18Intel ME early init
19Intel ME firmware is ready
20ME: Requested 32MB UMA
21FMAP: area RW_MRC_CACHE found @ 700000 (65536 bytes)
22SMM Memory Map
23SMRAM : 0xbf800000 0x800000
24 Subregion 0: 0xbf800000 0x700000
25 Subregion 1: 0xbff00000 0x100000
26 Subregion 2: 0xc0000000 0x0
27MTRR Range: Start=bf000000 End=bf800000 (Size 800000)
28MTRR Range: Start=bf800000 End=c0000000 (Size 800000)
29MTRR Range: Start=ff800000 End=0 (Size 800000)
30BS: romstage times (exec / console): total (unknown) / 1 ms
33coreboot-4.12-284-g165efa1b86 Tue May 26 15:09:50 UTC 2020 postcar starting (log level: 6)...
34Jumping to image.
37coreboot-4.12-284-g165efa1b86 Tue May 26 15:09:50 UTC 2020 ramstage starting (log level: 6)...
38S3 Resume
39Disabling PEG10.
40Enumerating buses...
41Root Device scanning...
42CPU_CLUSTER: 0 enabled
43DOMAIN: 0000 enabled
44DOMAIN: 0000 scanning...
45PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 00
46PCI: 00:00.0 [8086/0044] enabled
47PCI: 00:02.0 [8086/0046] enabled
48PCI: 00:16.0 [8086/3b64] enabled
49PCI: 00:16.1: Disabling device
50PCI: 00:16.2: Disabling device
51PCI: 00:16.3: Disabling device
52PCI: 00:19.0 [8086/10ea] enabled
53PCI: 00:1a.0 [8086/3b3c] enabled
54PCI: 00:1b.0 [8086/3b56] enabled
55PCI: 00:1c.0 subordinate bus PCI Express
56PCI: 00:1c.0 [8086/3b42] enabled
57PCI: 00:1c.1 subordinate bus PCI Express
58PCI: 00:1c.1 [8086/3b44] enabled
59PCI: 00:1c.2: Disabling device
60PCI: 00:1c.2 [8086/3b46] disabled No operations
61PCI: 00:1c.3 subordinate bus PCI Express
62PCI: 00:1c.3 [8086/3b48] enabled
63PCI: 00:1c.4 subordinate bus PCI Express
64PCI: 00:1c.4 [8086/3b4a] enabled
65PCI: 00:1c.5: Disabling device
66PCI: 00:1c.5 [8086/3b4c] disabled No operations
67PCI: 00:1c.6: Disabling device
68PCI: 00:1c.6 [8086/3b4e] disabled No operations
69PCI: 00:1c.7: Disabling device
70PCI: 00:1c.7 [8086/3b50] disabled No operations
71PCI: 00:1d.0 [8086/3b34] enabled
72PCI: 00:1e.0 [8086/2448] enabled
73PCI: 00:1f.0 [8086/3b07] enabled
74PCI: 00:1f.2 [8086/3b2e] enabled
75PCI: 00:1f.3 [8086/3b30] enabled
76PCI: 00:1f.4: Disabling device
77PCI: 00:1f.5: Disabling device
78PCI: 00:1f.5 [8086/3b2d] disabled No operations
79PCI: 00:1f.6 [8086/3b32] enabled
80PCI: Leftover static devices:
81PCI: 00:01.0
82PCI: 00:16.1
83PCI: 00:16.2
84PCI: 00:16.3
85PCI: 00:1f.4
86PCI: Check your devicetree.cb.
87PCI: 00:1c.0 scanning...
88PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 01
89scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.0 finished in 0 msecs
90PCI: 00:1c.1 scanning...
91PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 02
92scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.1 finished in 0 msecs
93PCI: 00:1c.3 scanning...
94PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 03
95scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.3 finished in 0 msecs
96PCI: 00:1c.4 scanning...
97PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 04
98PCI: 04:00.0 [168c/002a] enabled
99Enabling Common Clock Configuration
100ASPM: Enabled L1
101PCIe: Max_Payload_Size adjusted to 128
102Failed to enable LTR for dev = PCI: 04:00.0
103scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.4 finished in 0 msecs
104PCI: 00:1e.0 scanning...
105PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 05
106scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1e.0 finished in 0 msecs
107PCI: 00:1f.0 scanning...
108PNP: 164e.3 enabled
109PNP: 164e.2 disabled
110PNP: 164e.7 disabled
111PNP: 164e.19 disabled
112PNP: 0c31.0 enabled
113PMH7: ID 04 Revision 01
114PNP: 00ff.1 enabled
115H8: EC Firmware ID 6QHT34WW-3.18, Version 5.01B
116H8: BDC not installed
117H8: WWAN detection not implemented. Assuming WWAN installed
118dock is connected
119PNP: 00ff.2 enabled
120scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1f.0 finished in 7 msecs
121PCI: 00:1f.3 scanning...
122bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 enabled
123bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 enabled
124bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 enabled
125bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 enabled
126bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c enabled
127bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d enabled
128bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e enabled
129bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f enabled
130scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1f.3 finished in 0 msecs
131scan_bus: bus DOMAIN: 0000 finished in 7 msecs
132scan_bus: bus Root Device finished in 7 msecs
134BS: BS_DEV_ENUMERATE run times (exec / console): 8 / 0 ms
135FMAP: area RW_MRC_CACHE found @ 700000 (65536 bytes)
136MRC: Checking cached data update for 'RW_MRC_CACHE'.
137Manufacturer: c2
138SF: Detected c2 2017 with sector size 0x1000, total 0x800000
139found VGA at PCI: 00:02.0
140Setting up VGA for PCI: 00:02.0
141Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge DOMAIN: 0000
142Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge Root Device
143Allocating resources...
144Reading resources...
145Adding PCIe enhanced config space BAR 0xe0000000-0xf0000000.
146ram_before_4g_top: 0xbf800000
147TOUUD: 0x2380
148PNP: 00ff.1 missing read_resources
149PNP: 00ff.2 missing read_resources
150Done reading resources.
151skipping PNP: 164e.3@29 fixed resource, size=0!
152skipping PNP: 164e.3@f0 fixed resource, size=0!
153skipping PNP: 00ff.2@60 fixed resource, size=0!
154skipping PNP: 00ff.2@62 fixed resource, size=0!
155skipping PNP: 00ff.2@64 fixed resource, size=0!
156skipping PNP: 00ff.2@66 fixed resource, size=0!
157Setting resources...
158PCI: 00:02.0 10 <- [0x00cf800000 - 0x00cfbfffff] size 0x00400000 gran 0x16 mem64
159PCI: 00:02.0 20 <- [0x0000001840 - 0x0000001847] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
160PCI: 00:16.0 10 <- [0x00cfd2a000 - 0x00cfd2a00f] size 0x00000010 gran 0x04 mem64
161PCI: 00:19.0 10 <- [0x00cfd00000 - 0x00cfd1ffff] size 0x00020000 gran 0x11 mem
162PCI: 00:19.0 14 <- [0x00cfd24000 - 0x00cfd24fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c mem
163PCI: 00:19.0 18 <- [0x0000001800 - 0x000000181f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
164PCI: 00:1a.0 10 <- [0x00cfd27000 - 0x00cfd273ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
165PCI: 00:1b.0 10 <- [0x00cfd20000 - 0x00cfd23fff] size 0x00004000 gran 0x0e mem64
166PCI: 00:1c.0 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 01 io
167PCI: 00:1c.0 24 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 01 prefmem
168PCI: 00:1c.0 20 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 01 mem
169PCI: 00:1c.1 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 02 io
170PCI: 00:1c.1 24 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 02 prefmem
171PCI: 00:1c.1 20 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 02 mem
172PCI: 00:1c.3 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 03 io
173PCI: 00:1c.3 24 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 03 prefmem
174PCI: 00:1c.3 20 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 03 mem
175PCI: 00:1c.4 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 04 io
176PCI: 00:1c.4 24 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 04 prefmem
177PCI: 00:1c.4 20 <- [0x00cfc00000 - 0x00cfcfffff] size 0x00100000 gran 0x14 bus 04 mem
178PCI: 04:00.0 10 <- [0x00cfc00000 - 0x00cfc0ffff] size 0x00010000 gran 0x10 mem64
179PCI: 00:1d.0 10 <- [0x00cfd28000 - 0x00cfd283ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
180PCI: 00:1e.0 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 05 io
181PCI: 00:1e.0 24 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 05 prefmem
182PCI: 00:1e.0 20 <- [0x00cfffffff - 0x00cffffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 05 mem
183PNP: 164e.3 60 <- [0x0000000200 - 0x0000000207] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
184PNP: 164e.3 29 <- [0x00000000b0 - 0x00000000af] size 0x00000000 gran 0x00 irq
185PNP: 164e.3 70 <- [0x0000000005 - 0x0000000005] size 0x00000001 gran 0x00 irq
186PNP: 164e.3 f0 <- [0x0000000082 - 0x0000000081] size 0x00000000 gran 0x00 irq
187PNP: 00ff.1 missing set_resources
188PNP: 00ff.2 missing set_resources
189PCI: 00:1f.2 10 <- [0x0000001848 - 0x000000184f] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
190PCI: 00:1f.2 14 <- [0x0000001858 - 0x000000185b] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
191PCI: 00:1f.2 18 <- [0x0000001850 - 0x0000001857] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
192PCI: 00:1f.2 1c <- [0x000000185c - 0x000000185f] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
193PCI: 00:1f.2 20 <- [0x0000001820 - 0x000000183f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
194PCI: 00:1f.2 24 <- [0x00cfd26000 - 0x00cfd267ff] size 0x00000800 gran 0x0b mem
195PCI: 00:1f.3 10 <- [0x00cfd29000 - 0x00cfd290ff] size 0x00000100 gran 0x08 mem64
196PCI: 00:1f.6 10 <- [0x00cfd25000 - 0x00cfd25fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c mem64
197Done setting resources.
198Done allocating resources.
199BS: BS_DEV_RESOURCES run times (exec / console): 1 / 0 ms
200Enabling resources...
201PCI: 00:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2193
202PCI: 00:00.0 cmd <- 06
203PCI: 00:02.0 subsystem <- 17aa/215a
204PCI: 00:02.0 cmd <- 03
205PCI: 00:16.0 subsystem <- 8086/3b64
206PCI: 00:16.0 cmd <- 02
207PCI: 00:19.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2153
208PCI: 00:19.0 cmd <- 103
209PCI: 00:1a.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2163
210PCI: 00:1a.0 cmd <- 102
211PCI: 00:1b.0 subsystem <- 17aa/215e
212PCI: 00:1b.0 cmd <- 102
213PCI: 00:1c.0 bridge ctrl <- 0013
214PCI: 00:1c.0 cmd <- 100
215PCI: 00:1c.1 bridge ctrl <- 0013
216PCI: 00:1c.1 cmd <- 100
217PCI: 00:1c.3 bridge ctrl <- 0013
218PCI: 00:1c.3 cmd <- 100
219PCI: 00:1c.4 bridge ctrl <- 0013
220PCI: 00:1c.4 cmd <- 106
221PCI: 00:1d.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2163
222PCI: 00:1d.0 cmd <- 102
223PCI: 00:1e.0 bridge ctrl <- 0013
224PCI: 00:1e.0 subsystem <- 8086/2448
225PCI: 00:1e.0 cmd <- 100
226PCI: 00:1f.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2166
227PCI: 00:1f.0 cmd <- 107
228PCI: 00:1f.2 subsystem <- 17aa/2168
229PCI: 00:1f.2 cmd <- 03
230PCI: 00:1f.3 subsystem <- 17aa/2167
231PCI: 00:1f.3 cmd <- 103
232PCI: 00:1f.6 subsystem <- 8086/3b32
233PCI: 00:1f.6 cmd <- 02
234PCI: 04:00.0 cmd <- 02
236Found TPM ST33ZP24 by ST Microelectronics
237TPM: Handle S3 resume.
238TPM: Resume
239TPM: command 0x99 returned 0x9
240TPM: Resume failed (0x9).
241BS: BS_DEV_INIT entry times (exec / console): 4 / 0 ms
242Initializing devices...
243CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init
244MTRR: Physical address space:
2450x0000000000000000 - 0x00000000000a0000 size 0x000a0000 type 6
2460x00000000000a0000 - 0x00000000000c0000 size 0x00020000 type 0
2470x00000000000c0000 - 0x00000000bf800000 size 0xbf740000 type 6
2480x00000000bf800000 - 0x00000000d0000000 size 0x10800000 type 0
2490x00000000d0000000 - 0x00000000e0000000 size 0x10000000 type 1
2500x00000000e0000000 - 0x0000000100000000 size 0x20000000 type 0
2510x0000000100000000 - 0x0000000238000000 size 0x138000000 type 6
252MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
253MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
254MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
255MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
256MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
257MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
258MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
259MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
260MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
261MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
262MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
263CPU physical address size: 36 bits
264MTRR: default type WB/UC MTRR counts: 4/6.
265MTRR: WB selected as default type.
266MTRR: 0 base 0x00000000bf800000 mask 0x0000000fff800000 type 0
267MTRR: 1 base 0x00000000c0000000 mask 0x0000000ff0000000 type 0
268MTRR: 2 base 0x00000000d0000000 mask 0x0000000ff0000000 type 1
269MTRR: 3 base 0x00000000e0000000 mask 0x0000000fe0000000 type 0
271MTRR check
272Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
273Variable MTRRs: Enabled
275CPU has 2 cores, 4 threads enabled.
276Setting up SMI for CPU
277Will perform SMM setup.
278FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 710200 (982528 bytes)
279CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
280CBFS: Found @ offset 10780 size 3400
281microcode: sig=0x20652 pf=0x10 revision=0x11
282CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz.
283Loading module at 0x00030000 with entry 0x00030000. filesize: 0x170 memsize: 0x170
284Processing 16 relocs. Offset value of 0x00030000
285Attempting to start 3 APs
286Waiting for 10ms after sending INIT.
287Waiting for 1st SIPI to complete...done.
288Waiting for 2nd SIPI to complete...AP: slot 1 apic_id 1.
290AP: slot 2 apic_id 5.
291AP: slot 3 apic_id 4.
292Loading module at 0x00038000 with entry 0x00038000. filesize: 0x1b0 memsize: 0x1b0
293Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0x00038000
294SMM Module: stub loaded at 0x00038000. Will call 0xbf7a8c97(0x00000000)
295Installing SMM handler to 0xbf800000
296Loading module at 0xbf810000 with entry 0xbf81029a. filesize: 0x1590 memsize: 0x55b8
297Processing 66 relocs. Offset value of 0xbf810000
298Loading module at 0xbf808000 with entry 0xbf808000. filesize: 0x1b0 memsize: 0x1b0
299Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0xbf808000
300SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 0xbf807c00 rel16 0x03fd
301SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 0xbf807800 rel16 0x07fd
302SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 0xbf807400 rel16 0x0bfd
303SMM Module: stub loaded at 0xbf808000. Will call 0xbf81029a(0x00000000)
304Initializing Southbridge SMI...
306New SMBASE 0xbf800000
307In relocation handler: cpu 0
308New SMBASE=0xbf800000
309Writing SMRR. base = 0xbf800006, mask=0xff800800
310Relocation complete.
311New SMBASE 0xbf7ffc00
312microcode: Update skipped, already up-to-date
313In relocation handler: cpu 1
314New SMBASE=0xbf7ffc00
315Writing SMRR. base = 0xbf800006, mask=0xff800800
316Relocation complete.
317New SMBASE 0xbf7ff400
318In relocation handler: cpu 3
319New SMBASE=0xbf7ff400
320Writing SMRR. base = 0xbf800006, mask=0xff800800
321microcode: Update skipped, already up-to-date
322Relocation complete.
323microcode: Update skipped, already up-to-date
324New SMBASE 0xbf7ff800
325In relocation handler: cpu 2
326New SMBASE=0xbf7ff800
327Writing SMRR. base = 0xbf800006, mask=0xff800800
328Relocation complete.
329microcode: Update skipped, already up-to-date
330Initializing CPU #0
331CPU: vendor Intel device 20652
332CPU: family 06, model 25, stepping 02
333Enabling cache
334CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz.
335CPU:lapic=0, boot_cpu=1
336Setting up local APIC...
337 apic_id: 0x00 done.
338VMX status: enabled
339IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
340model_x06ax: frequency set to 2527
341Turbo is available and visible
342CPU #0 initialized
343Initializing CPU #1
344Initializing CPU #3
345CPU: vendor Intel device 20652
346CPU: family 06, model 25, stepping 02
347Initializing CPU #2
348Enabling cache
349CPU: vendor Intel device 20652
350CPU: vendor Intel device 20652
351CPU: family 06, model 25, stepping 02
352CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz.
353CPU: family 06, model 25, stepping 02
354CPU:lapic=1, boot_cpu=0
355Enabling cache
356Setting up local APIC...
357Enabling cache
358 apic_id: 0x01 done.
359VMX status: enabled
360CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz.
361IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
362CPU:lapic=4, boot_cpu=0
363CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz.
364Setting up local APIC...
365model_x06ax: frequency set to 2527
366 apic_id: 0x04 done.
367CPU #1 initialized
368VMX status: enabled
369CPU:lapic=5, boot_cpu=0
370IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
371Setting up local APIC...
372 apic_id: 0x05 done.
373model_x06ax: frequency set to 2527
374VMX status: enabled
375CPU #3 initialized
376IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
377model_x06ax: frequency set to 2527
378CPU #2 initialized
379bsp_do_flight_plan done after 6 msecs.
380Initializing southbridge SMI...
385Locking SMM.
386CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init finished in 16 msecs
387PCI: 00:00.0 init
388PCI: 00:00.0 init finished in 0 msecs
389PCI: 00:02.0 init
390GT Power Management Init (post VBIOS)
391PCI: 00:02.0 init finished in 0 msecs
392PCI: 00:16.0 init
393ME: BIOS path: S3 Wake
394PCI: 00:16.0: Disabling device
395PCI: 00:16.0 init finished in 0 msecs
396PCI: 00:19.0 init
397PCI: 00:19.0 init finished in 0 msecs
398PCI: 00:1a.0 init
399EHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
400PCI: 00:1a.0 init finished in 0 msecs
401PCI: 00:1b.0 init
402Azalia: base = cfd20000
403Azalia: V1CTL disabled.
404Azalia: codec_mask = 09
405Azalia: Initializing codec #3
406Azalia: codec viddid: 80862804
407Azalia: verb_size: 16
408Azalia: verb loaded.
409Azalia: Initializing codec #0
410Azalia: codec viddid: 14f15069
411Azalia: verb_size: 44
412Azalia: verb loaded.
413PCI: 00:1b.0 init finished in 4 msecs
414PCI: 00:1d.0 init
415EHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
416PCI: 00:1d.0 init finished in 0 msecs
417PCI: 00:1e.0 init
418PCI init.
419PCI: 00:1e.0 init finished in 0 msecs
420PCI: 00:1f.0 init
421pch: lpc_init
422IOAPIC: Initializing IOAPIC at 0xfec00000
423IOAPIC: Bootstrap Processor Local APIC = 0x00
424IOAPIC: ID = 0x01
425Set power off after power failure.
426NMI sources disabled.
427Mobile 5 PM init
428rtc_failed = 0x0
429PCI: 00:1f.0 init finished in 0 msecs
430PCI: 00:1f.2 init
431SATA: Initializing...
432SATA: Controller in AHCI mode.
433ABAR: 0xcfd26000
434PCI: 00:1f.2 init finished in 0 msecs
435PCI: 00:1f.3 init
436PCI: 00:1f.3 init finished in 0 msecs
437PCI: 00:1f.6 init
438Thermal init start.
439Thermal init done.
440PCI: 00:1f.6 init finished in 0 msecs
441PCI: 04:00.0 init
442PCI: 04:00.0 init finished in 0 msecs
443PNP: 164e.3 init
444PNP: 164e.3 init finished in 0 msecs
445PNP: 00ff.2 init
446PNP: 00ff.2 init finished in 0 msecs
447smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 init
448I2C: 01:54 init finished in 0 msecs
449smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 init
450I2C: 01:55 init finished in 0 msecs
451smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 init
452I2C: 01:56 init finished in 0 msecs
453smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 init
454I2C: 01:57 init finished in 0 msecs
455smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c init
456Locking EEPROM RFID
457init EEPROM done
458I2C: 01:5c init finished in 26 msecs
459smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d init
460I2C: 01:5d init finished in 0 msecs
461smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e init
462I2C: 01:5e init finished in 0 msecs
463smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f init
464I2C: 01:5f init finished in 0 msecs
465Devices initialized
466BS: BS_DEV_INIT run times (exec / console): 49 / 0 ms
467Finalize devices...
468PCI: 00:1f.0 final
469Devices finalized
470Trying to find the wakeup vector...
471Looking on 0x000f6750 for valid checksum
472Checksum 1 passed
473Checksum 2 passed all OK
474RSDP found at 0x000f6750
475RSDT found at 0xbf74f030 ends at 0xbf74f06c
476FADT found at 0xbf752d80
477FACS found at 0xbf74f240
478OS waking vector is 0x0009a1d0
479Restore GNVS pointer to 0xbf74e000