Update AMD SR5650 and SB700

This updates the code for the AMD SR5650 and SB700 southbridges.
Among other things, it changes the romstage.c files by replacing a
.C file include with a pair of .H file includes.  The .C file is
now added to the romstage in the SB700 or SR5650 Makefile.inc.
file to the romstage and ramstage elements.  This particular change
affects all mainboards that use the SB700, and their changes are
include herein.  These mainboards are:
  Advansus a785e,
  AMD Mahogany, Mahogany-fam10, Tilapia-fam10,
  Asrock 939a785gmh,
  Asus m4a78-em, m4a785-m,
  Gigabyte ma785gm,
  Iei Kino-780am2-fam10
  Jetway pa78vm5
  Supermicro h8scm_fam10
The nuvoton/wpcm450 earlysetup interface is changed because the file
is no longer included in the mainboard romstage.c files.

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