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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Standalone version of script from
# chromeos/src/scripts/bin/ for use on signing servers.
# Both the cgpt tool and vbutil_kernel should be in the system path.
# Abort on error
set -e
# Check arguments
if [ $# -ne 4 ] ; then
echo "usage: $0 src_bin dst_bin kernel_datakey kernel_keyblock"
exit 1
# Make sure the tools we need are available.
type -P cgpt &>/dev/null || \
{ echo "cgpt tool not found."; exit 1; }
type -P vbutil_kernel &>/dev/null || \
{ echo "vbutil_kernel tool not found."; exit 1; }
sector_size=512 # sector size in bytes
num_sectors_vb=128 # number of sectors in kernel verification blob
koffset="$(cgpt show -b -i 2 $1)"
ksize="$(cgpt show -s -i 2 $1)"
echo "Re-signing image ${src_bin} and outputting ${dst_bin}"
trap "rm -f ${temp_kimage}" EXIT
trap "rm -f ${temp_out_vb}" EXIT
# Grab the kernel image in preparation for resigning
dd if="${src_bin}" of="${temp_kimage}" skip=$koffset bs=$sector_size \
vbutil_kernel \
--repack "${temp_out_vb}" \
--vblockonly \
--keyblock "${kernel_keyblock}" \
--signprivate "${kernel_datakey}" \
--oldblob "${temp_kimage}"
# Create a copy of the input image and put in the new vblock
cp "${src_bin}" "${dst_bin}"
dd if="${temp_out_vb}" of="${dst_bin}" seek=$koffset bs=$sector_size \
count=$num_sectors_vb conv=notrunc
echo "New signed image was output to ${dst_bin}"