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This directory contains the Microsoft Visual C makefile for building vboot
reference code (and testing, eventually) in a 32 bit DOS window.
Microsoft Visual C 2008 (or later) is the prerequisite for this to work.
To build vboot_reference tree in the DOS window do the following:
- untar or git clone the vboot_reference source tree
- open a DOS window
- run the MSVC provided script vcvars32.bat to create the command line build
environment. Script location is MSVC installation specific. For instance:
c:\> \bios\devtls\MSVC9\Vc\bin\vcvars32.bat
- define a directory where the nmake output should go into
c:\> set MOD=z:\shared\tmp
- start the make job as follows:
c:\> nmake /f %path_to_vboot_reference_tree%\msc\nmakefile
- observe the output generated in %MOD%