1. 13508b9 Drop baud rate init to an arbitrary baud rate from Super I/O code. by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  2. 8301d83 second round name simplification. drop the <component>_ prefix. by stepan · 13 years ago
  3. a69d978 C and other Super I/O cosmetic fixes. by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  4. 5330dd9 Remove superfluous Super I/O res0/res1 lines. by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  5. 7fa0819 Add #include guards to all Super I/O header files (trivial). by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  6. 5c6bae2 Random ITE Super I/O fixes. by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  7. 8463dd9 Rename build system variables to be more intuitive, and by Patrick Georgi · 13 years ago
  8. 740b587 Remove nonsensical wrapper for function in PS/2 keyboard API. by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago
  9. abf2ad7 newconfig is no more. by Patrick Georgi · 14 years ago
  10. 9db833b trival. All the changes is about comment and spaces. In superio folder. by Zheng Bao · 14 years ago
  11. 5ec2c2b Various Kconfig and Makefile.inc fixes and cosmetics. by Uwe Hermann · 15 years ago
  12. 0588d19 Kconfig! Works on Kontron, qemu, and serengeti. by Patrick Georgi · 15 years ago
  13. 2b34db8 coreboot-v2: drop this ugly historic union name in v2 that was dropped in v3 by Stefan Reinauer · 15 years ago
  14. 2ee6779 The ARRAY_SIZE macro is convenient, yet mostly unused. Switch lots of by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger · 15 years ago
  15. 7e61e45 Please bear with me - another rename checkin. This qualifies as trivial, no by Stefan Reinauer · 16 years ago
  16. 23d1e35 The *_early_serial.c pre-RAM code should do just that -- enable the serial by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  17. dc95add Remove by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  18. 6b2475d Explicitly set the CLKIN to 24 MHz on all ITE Super I/Os, otherwise by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  19. 39b13f4 Add missing #includes to some ITE Super I/O files. by Jon Dufresne · 17 years ago
  20. a7aa29b Use the canonical name of the vendors/devices and the by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  21. 1549f2a Various minor cosmetic changes in the ITE Super I/Os, mostly whitespace by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  22. a4c56c3 Adapt GPL license headers to match the current conventions. by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  23. f28674e Rename some variables from *ITE* to *ite* for consistency reasons (refs #4). by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  24. 2073ce2 Patch from Uwe Hermann: by Stefan Reinauer · 17 years ago
  25. 6af77ae Support for two new ITE superio parts: it8712f and it8673f from Uwe Hermann. by Stefan Reinauer · 18 years ago