Various Kconfig and fixes and cosmetics.

 - Whitespace fixes, remove trailing whitespace, use TABs for identation
   (except in Kconfig "help" lines, which start with one TAB and two spaces
   as per Linux kernel style)

 - Kconfig: Standardize on 'bool' (not 'boolean').

 - s/lar/cbfs/ in one Kconfig help string.

 - Reword various Kconfig menu entries for a more usable and consistent menu.

 - Fix incorrect comment of NO_RUN in devices/Kconfig.

 - superio/serverengines/Kconfig: Incorrect config name.

 - superio/ s/serverengine/serverengines/.

 - superio/intel/Kconfig: s/SUPERIO_FINTEK_I3100/SUPERIO_INTEL_I3100/.

 - mainboard/via/vt8454c/Kconfig: Fix copy-paste error in help string.

 - mainboard/via/epia-n/Kconfig: Fix "bool" menu text.

 - console/Kconfig: Don't mention defaults in the menu string, kconfig
   already displays them anyway.

 - Kill "Drivers" menu for now, it only confuses users as long as it's emtpy.

Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <>
Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>

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