1. 7a8a4ab lib: Unify log2() and related functions by Julius Werner · 8 years ago
  2. bde6d30 x86: Change MMIO addr in readN(addr)/writeN(addr, val) to pointer by Kevin Paul Herbert · 9 years ago
  3. 65b72ab northbridge: Drop print_ implementation from non-romcc boards by Stefan Reinauer · 9 years ago
  4. 0f92f63 Uniformly spell frequency unit symbol as Hz by Elyes HAOUAS · 9 years ago
  5. 3c0bfaf Fix most CONFIG_DEBUG_RAM_SETUP issues. by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  6. b69cb5a Convert some comments to proper Doxygen syntax. by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  7. 14e2277 Since some people disapprove of white space cleanups mixed in regular commits by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  8. 23836e2 zero warnings days... by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  9. 5d3dee8 drop quite a lot of dead code that did nothing but produce warnings and make by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  10. 64ed2b7 Drop \r\n and \n\r as both print_XXX and printk now do this internally. by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  11. 01ce601 This patch is from 2009-10-20 by Uwe Hermann · 14 years ago
  12. a8aa1b1 Remove register pressure from e7501 driver by not indirectly referencing by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago
  13. 2ee6779 The ARRAY_SIZE macro is convenient, yet mostly unused. Switch lots of by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger · 15 years ago
  14. 998a57c Update of the src/include/spd.h file with the following improvements: by Uwe Hermann · 17 years ago
  15. a4baa16 * Added support for "fast" (64-clock) refresh by Steven J. Magnani · 18 years ago
  16. 6ca7636 Revision: linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel/freebios--devel--2.0--patch-51 by arch import user (historical) · 18 years ago
  17. bf8bb42 *** empty log message *** by Yinghai Lu · 19 years ago
  18. 8e2847c - For now use port 0x80 based delays in for the e7501 memory initialization. by Eric Biederman · 19 years ago
  19. 70093f7 Intel E7501 P64H2 ICH5R support by Yinghai Lu · 19 years ago