lib: Unify log2() and related functions

This patch adds a few bit counting functions that are commonly needed
for certain register calculations. We previously had a log2()
implementation already, but it was awkwardly split between some C code
that's only available in ramstage and an optimized x86-specific
implementation in pre-RAM that prevented other archs from pulling it
into earlier stages.

Using __builtin_clz() as the baseline allows GCC to inline optimized
assembly for most archs (including CLZ on ARM/ARM64 and BSR on x86), and
to perform constant-folding if possible. What was previously named log2f
on pre-RAM x86 is now ffs, since that's the standard name for that
operation and I honestly don't have the slightest idea how it could've
ever ended up being called log2f (which in POSIX is 'binary(2) LOGarithm
with Float result, whereas the Find First Set operation has no direct
correlation to logarithms that I know of). Make ffs result 0-based
instead of the POSIX standard's 1-based since that is consistent with
clz, log2 and the former log2f, and generally closer to what you want
for most applications (a value that can directly be used as a shift to
reach the found bit). Call it __ffs() instead of ffs() to avoid problems
when importing code, since that's what Linux uses for the 0-based

TEST=Built on Big, Falco, Jerry, Oak and Urara. Compared old and new
log2() and __ffs() results on Falco for a bunch of test values.

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