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/* checkpir.c : This software is released under GPL
* For coreboot use only
* Aug 26 2001 , Nikolai Vladychevski, <>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "pirq_routing.h"
#include "checksum.h"
struct irq_routing_table *rt;
int main(void)
uint8_t sum, newsum;
rt = (struct irq_routing_table *) &intel_irq_routing_table;
sum = calc_checksum(rt);
printf("Validating checksum, file: irq_tables.c that was in ./ at compile time...\n");
printf("(no other tests are done)\n");
if (!sum) {
printf("Checksum for IRQ Routing table is ok. You can use irq_tables.c in coreboot now.\n");
} else {
newsum = rt->checksum - sum;
printf("BAD CHECKSUM for IRQ Routing table !!!!\n");
printf("If you want to make it valid, change the checksum to: %#x\n",
return 0;