intel/skylake: FSP 1.7.0 MemoryInit/SiliconInit params update

In FSP 1.7.0 SataMode and SataEnable have been moved from
MemoryInit to SiliconInit. Also, GpioTablePtr has been removed.

USB phy settings added to SiliconInit, Enable the configs for USB
equalization settings in coreboot.

Addition of serialIO UPD to indicate FSP not to reinitialise
UART2 controller during MemoryInit.

BRANCH=none BUG=chrome-os-partner:45684, chrome-os-partner:42284, chrome-os-partner:41374
TEST=build for Kunimitsu, boot on FAB3, Also checked for Boot from USB, Boot from eMMC,
	USB Audio, Onboard Audio, Touch, Wifi, S3 entry/resume

CQ-DEPEND=CL:*232947, CL:*232946, CL:*232948, CL:*232949

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