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static void *walkcbfs(char *target)
void *entry;
asm volatile (
"mov $1f, %%esp\n\t"
"jmp walkcbfs_asm\n\t"
"1:\n\t" : "=a" (entry) : "S" (target) : "ebx", "ecx", "edi", "esp");
return entry;
/* just enough to support findstage. copied because the original version doesn't easily pass through romcc */
struct cbfs_stage_restricted {
unsigned long compression;
unsigned long entry; // this is really 64bit, but properly endianized
static inline unsigned long findstage(char* target)
return ((struct cbfs_stage_restricted *)walkcbfs(target))->entry;
static inline void call(unsigned long addr, unsigned long bist)
asm volatile ("jmp *%0\n\t" : : "r" (addr), "a" (bist));