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WP_RO@0x0 0x400000 {
SI_DESC@0x0 0x1000
IFWI@0x1000 0x1ff000
RO_VPD@0x200000 0x4000
RO_SECTION@0x204000 0x1fc000 {
FMAP@0x0 0x800
COREBOOT(CBFS)@0x1000 0x1bb000
RO_UNUSED@0x1bc000 0x40000
MISC_RW@0x400000 0x30000 {
UNIFIED_MRC_CACHE@0x0 0x21000 {
RW_MRC_CACHE@0x10000 0x10000
RW_VAR_MRC_CACHE@0x20000 0x1000
RW_ELOG@0x21000 0x3000
RW_SHARED@0x24000 0x4000 {
SHARED_DATA@0x0 0x2000
VBLOCK_DEV@0x2000 0x2000
RW_VPD@0x28000 0x2000
RW_NVRAM@0x2a000 0x6000
RW_LEGACY(CBFS)@0xd30000 0x200000
BIOS_UNUSABLE@0xf30000 0x4f000
DEVICE_EXTENSION@0xf7f000 0x80000
# Currently, it is required that the BIOS region be a multiple of 8KiB.
# This is required so that the recovery mechanism can find SIGN_CSE
# region aligned to 4K at the center of BIOS region. Since the
# descriptor at the beginning uses 4K and BIOS starts at an offset of
# 4K, a hole of 4K is created towards the end of the flash to compensate
# for the size requirement of BIOS region.
# FIT tool thus creates descriptor with following regions:
# Descriptor --> 0 to 4K
# BIOS --> 4K to 0xf7f000
# Device ext --> 0xf7f000 to 0xfff000
UNUSED_HOLE@0xfff000 0x1000