1. a3d70a3 Make crossystem.h more polite and more useful. by J. Richard Barnette · 9 years ago factory-panther-4920.23.B firmware-bolt_kirby-4979.B release-R32-4920.B stabilize-4920.6.B stabilize-5062.B stabilize-R33-4982.B test-4824.B test-4980.B
  2. 0c3ba24 Massive refactoring of external header files. by Bill Richardson · 10 years ago[Renamed from host/include/crossystem_arch.h]
  3. da8d32d Crossystem should return at-boot switch positions from VbSharedData by Randall Spangler · 11 years ago
  4. fcec9e7 crossystem: introduce a new main firmware type, 'netboot' by Vadim Bendebury · 11 years ago
  5. 7adcc60 Vboot wrapper API - crossystem and header files by Randall Spangler · 12 years ago
  6. c357408 Introduce arm support in crossystem. by Vadim Bendebury · 12 years ago
  7. eb59195 Refactor crossystem to move x86-specific implementation to its own file. by Randall Spangler · 12 years ago