vboot: fix name-collision with OpenSSL.

vboot currently uses the |SHA256_CTX| name, which is claimed by OpenSSL.
To work around this, it defines OPENSSL_NO_SHA, but that can't be done
at compile time:

The OPENSSL_NO_* defines are set by OpenSSL to reflect the configuration
that it was built with so that users of OpenSSL can disable features as
needed. They can affect the contents of structures any thus the ABI of
the library.

If these defines are set outside of OpenSSL, then the library and the
code that uses it will have incompatible ABIs. At that point it's only
functioning by blind luck.

This change renames the name-collisions so that this hack isn't needed.
This is the same change as was made internally in cl/85758149.

TEST=emerge-samus coreboot; make runtests

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