2api: Add vb2_boot_mode in vb2_context denoted the current boot mode

Add enum vb2_boot_mode which denotes the most relevant boot mode between
normal, manual recovery, broken recovery, diagnostic, and developer.

The boot mode constant stores in vb2_context, is exposed externally, and
decided in vb2api_fw_phase1.

Split out the logic of manual recovery and broken screen. (The broken
recovery is a recovery boot with !vb2api_allow_recovery)

Add the fifth boot mode, diagnostic boot mode

A boot could match more the one boot mode, this api will pick the most
relevant boot mode based on the following order:
1. Manual recovery boot
2. Broken recovery boot
3. Diagnostics boot
4. Developer boot
5. Normal boot

This constant is used in:
* lib/vboot_api_kernel.c: VbSelectAndLoadKernel()
* lib/vboot_kernel.c: replace the original vb2_boot_mode
* coreboot/bootmode for adding elogs

Also bump the vb2sd minor version from 0 to 1.

BUG=b:185551931, b:177196147, b:181931817
     make clean && make runtests
TEST=emerge coreboot vboot_reference depthcharge

Signed-off-by: Hsuan Ting Chen <roccochen@chromium.org>
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