2api: Adjust the order of checking dev switch in vb2api_fw_phase1

This CL is a revert to CL:300621.

In that CL, we adjusted the order of checking dev switch
(vb2_check_dev_switch) and move it after the check for recovery step
(vb2_check_recovery). The reason of that adjustment was because
vb2_check_dev_switch might return very early if the TPM is broken and
it failed to retrieve the secdata.

However, retrieving the secdata becomes a function which cannot fail
nowadays and it is not necessary to handle that scenario of the early
return in vb2_check_dev_switch. So we adjust them back to the original

We also remove the related outdated unit tests in vb2_api_tests.c

     make clean && make runtests

Signed-off-by: Hsuan Ting Chen <roccochen@chromium.org>
Change-Id: Iada8092e73ed9282242b1d67d101c836860e13c6
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Reviewed-by: Yu-Ping Wu <yupingso@chromium.org>
Reviewed-by: Julius Werner <jwerner@chromium.org>
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