cleanup: remove a couple of unused functions and files

scripts/ is just a wrapper to do this:

  ./signature_digest_utility $1 $3 \
    | openssl rsautl -sign -pkcs -inkey $2

AFAICT, that script is only invoked by the SignatureFile()
function in host/lib/file_keys.c, which is not referenced by
anything. I think I can remove both of those things.

Also remove utility/, which should have been done
long ago in commit 6f39615.

TEST=make runalltests

Also ran it on daisy_spring-paladin and link-tot-paladin.

Change-Id: I16de5022765806f11bf6144d7ffd8cc849578a68
Signed-off-by: Bill Richardson <>
Reviewed-by: Mike Frysinger <>
6 files changed