VBoot Reference: Refactoring Part 3

Refactor and restructure reference code into individual self-contain modules. I have revamped the way the code is structured to make it easy to determine which parts belong in the firmware and which are used by userland tools.

common/ - common utilities and stub functions (Firmware)
cryptolib/ - crypto library (Firmware)
misclibs/ - miscellaneous userland libraries (Userland)
sctips/ - Miscellaenous scripts (Userland)
tests/ - Tests (Userland)
vfirmware/ - Verified Firmware Implementation
vfirmware/firmware_image_fw.c (Firmware)
vfirmware/firmware_image.c (Userland)

vkernel/ - Verified Kernel Implementation
vkernel/kernel_image_fw.c (Firmware)
vkernel/kernel_image.c (Userland)

Review URL: http://codereview.chromium.org/1581005
46 files changed