Verified boot wrapper - replace utility functions

This is part 3 of the vboot wrapper API refactoring.  It replaces the
function calls to utility.c functions with new API calls.  (It also
fixes up some integer type mismatches in cryptolib that were causing
warnings on the H2C build; those had been fixed a while ago in H2C but
hadn't been propagated across.)

This is a re-commit of the original; I've verified it compiles on both
x86-alex and tegra2, for both vboot_reference and
vboot_reference-firmware, now that the patch from
1c1a883bc746a6216bb634825d33d80562853020 is checked in.

TEST=make && make runtests, and emerged on both x86-alex and tegra2

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Original-Reviewed-by: Simon Glass <>
Tested-by: Randall Spangler <>
(cherry picked from commit bd81b3a7d3b7fe4ca6179ade665e565800ab17fc)

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