Extend HWID digest into PCR1 (GBB v1.2 only)

GBB header v1.2 adds a digest of the HWID string to the blob (and
maintains it when updated with the current futility/gbb_utility).

This CL causes VbSelectFirmware() to extend PCR1 with that HWID
digest (only for GBB header v1.2 and later, of course).

Tests are updated.

This also adds a "pcr" command to futility to help determine that
the change is working on the hardware (adds 4K bytes or fewer to
the size of the executable).

BRANCH=ToT (and maybe others?)
TEST=make runtests, manual install on HW

To test on hardware, build and update a system with this change
(both the disk image and the RO firmware).

NOTE: The BIOS image must be built in a chroot that is using the
current version of futility. You may need to update your chroot
if your BIOS image still produces v1.1 GBB headers. Check with:

  futility show <firmware_image.bin> | grep -B1 'digest:'

Boot the new system with a new test image, then follow these steps:

Read the BIOS:

  # flashrom -r /tmp/bios.bin

Make sure the GBB has a valid digest for the HWID.

  # futility show /tmp/bios.bin | grep -B1 'digest:'
    HWID:                SAMUS TEST 8028
     digest:             4172d24f40bf72cc0ab8...  <valid>

Extract only the sha1sum-sized part of the HWID digest:

  # futility show /tmp/bios.bin | awk '/digest:/ {print $2}' | colrm 41

Simulate extending that value in a PCR using the futility "pcr"

  # futility pcr 4172d24f40bf72cc0ab878b4c589b8fe9cf4405e
  PCR: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
     + 4172d24f40bf72cc0ab878b4c589b8fe9cf4405e
  PCR: b6e5ffd2d898a7b15236ad22ca25f53ac1f40776

Finally, look at the value of PCR1. It should match the last line
of the futility pcr output:

  # head /sys/class/misc/tpm0/device/pcrs | grep PCR-01
  PCR-01: B6 E5 FF D2 D8 98 A7 B1 52 36 AD 22 CA 25 F5 3A C1 F4 07 76

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