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/* Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* High-level firmware API for loading and verifying rewritable firmware.
* (Firmware Portion)
#include "sysincludes.h"
#include "vboot_nvstorage.h"
#include "vboot_struct.h"
/* Return codes for LoadFirmware() and S3Resume(). */
#define LOAD_FIRMWARE_SUCCESS 0 /* Success */
#define LOAD_FIRMWARE_RECOVERY 1 /* Reboot to recovery mode. The specific
* recovery reason has been set in
#define LOAD_FIRMWARE_REBOOT 2 /* Reboot to same mode as current boot */
/* Boot flags for LoadFirmware().boot_flags */
#define BOOT_FLAG_DEVELOPER UINT64_C(0x01) /* Developer switch is on */
typedef struct LoadFirmwareParams {
/* Inputs to LoadFirmware() */
void* gbb_data; /* Pointer to GBB data */
uint64_t gbb_size; /* Size of GBB data in bytes */
void* verification_block_0; /* Key block + preamble for firmware 0 */
void* verification_block_1; /* Key block + preamble for firmware 1 */
uint64_t verification_size_0; /* Verification block 0 size in bytes */
uint64_t verification_size_1; /* Verification block 1 size in bytes */
/* Shared data blob for data shared between LoadFirmware() and LoadKernel().
* This should be at least VB_SHARED_DATA_MIN_SIZE bytes long, and ideally
* is VB_SHARED_DATA_REC_SIZE bytes long. */
void* shared_data_blob; /* Shared data blob buffer. Pass this
* data to LoadKernel() in
* LoadKernelParams.shared_data_blob. */
uint64_t shared_data_size; /* On input, set to size of shared data blob
* buffer, in bytes. On output, this will
* contain the actual data size placed into
* the buffer. Caller need only pass that
* much data to LoadKernel().*/
uint64_t boot_flags; /* Boot flags */
VbNvContext* nv_context; /* Context for NV storage. nv_context->raw
* must be filled before calling
* LoadFirmware(). On output, check
* nv_context->raw_changed to see if
* nv_context->raw has been modified and
* needs saving. */
/* Outputs from LoadFirmware(); valid only if LoadFirmware() returns
uint64_t firmware_index; /* Firmware index to run. */
/* Internal data for LoadFirmware() / UpdateFirmwareBodyHash(). */
void* load_firmware_internal;
/* Internal data for caller / GetFirmwareBody(). */
void* caller_internal;
} LoadFirmwareParams;
/* Functions provided by PEI to LoadFirmware() */
/* Get the firmware body data for [firmware_index], which is either
* 0 (the first firmware image) or 1 (the second firmware image).
* This function must call UpdateFirmwareBodyHash() before returning,
* to update the secure hash for the firmware image. For best
* performance, the reader should call this function periodically
* during the read, so that updating the hash can be pipelined with
* the read. If the reader cannot update the hash during the read
* process, it should call UpdateFirmwareBodyHash() on the entire
* firmeware data after the read, before returning.
* Returns 0 if successful or non-zero if error. */
int GetFirmwareBody(LoadFirmwareParams* params, uint64_t firmware_index);
/* Functions provided by verified boot library to PEI */
/* Early setup for LoadFirmware(). This should be called as soon as the TPM
* is available in the boot process.
* Returns LOAD_FIRMWARE_SUCCESS if successful, error code on failure. */
int LoadFirmwareSetup(void);
/* Attempts to load the rewritable firmware.
* Returns LOAD_FIRMWARE_SUCCESS if successful, error code on failure. */
int LoadFirmware(LoadFirmwareParams* params);
/* Update the data hash for the current firmware image, extending it
* by [size] bytes stored in [*data]. This function must only be
* called inside GetFirmwareBody(). */
void UpdateFirmwareBodyHash(LoadFirmwareParams* params,
uint8_t* data, uint64_t size);
/* Handle S3 resume.
* Returns LOAD_FIRMWARE_SUCCESS if successful, error code on failure. */
int S3Resume(void);