Remove futility linker script.

The linker script was used to generate a table with
all the symbols in a specific section called .futil_cmds listed
in order under the symbol "futil_cmds". This allows the source files
to define a command and let the linker figure out the list of
compiled commands. Nevertheless, passing this linker script
makes the linker leave a gap of about 2MiB in the output ELF file.

Instead of mess up with linker scripts just to generate a table of
commands, this patch generates such table in the Makefile looking
at the included sources and compiling that table. The result is a
futility binary of about 88 KiB instead of the 2.1 MiB required

This patch also adds sys-boot/chromeos-u-boot to the list of ebuilds
tested by

TEST=BOARD=link ./
TEST=BOARD=daisy_spring ./
TEST=`readelf -S futility` shows no gap.
TEST=/usr/bin/futility shows no difference in the help output.

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