vboot1: Add vboot2 recovery reason strings and subcode to TAB display

vboot2 added a few new recovery reasons (and abolished many old ones).
In the current vboot2/vboot1 hybrid architecture used on Veyron, the
vboot1 kernel verification part controls the status display when
pressing the TAB key, which may try to show recovery reasons set by the
vboot2 firmware verification part. These currently result in the not
very helpful "We have no idea what this means", so lets hack a few more
strings into vboot1 which will be otherwise harmless. Also add the
recovery_subcode field to the display, which is used much more
extensively by vboot2 and often very useful in firguring out what really
went wrong.

TEST=Manually set a few recovery reasons and subcodes through crossystem
and made sure they get displayed correctly on my Jerry.

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