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/* Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#error "Do not include this file directly. Use cryptolib.h instead."
#include "sysincludes.h"
#define RSA1024NUMBYTES 128 /* 1024 bit key length */
#define RSA2048NUMBYTES 256 /* 2048 bit key length */
#define RSA4096NUMBYTES 512 /* 4096 bit key length */
#define RSA8192NUMBYTES 1024 /* 8192 bit key length */
#define RSA1024NUMWORDS (RSA1024NUMBYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))
#define RSA2048NUMWORDS (RSA2048NUMBYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))
#define RSA4096NUMWORDS (RSA4096NUMBYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))
#define RSA8192NUMWORDS (RSA8192NUMBYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))
typedef struct RSAPublicKey {
uint32_t len; /* Length of n[] in number of uint32_t */
uint32_t n0inv; /* -1 / n[0] mod 2^32 */
uint32_t* n; /* modulus as little endian array */
uint32_t* rr; /* R^2 as little endian array */
unsigned int algorithm; /* Algorithm to use when verifying with the key */
} RSAPublicKey;
/* Verify a RSA PKCS1.5 signature [sig] of [sig_type] and length [sig_len]
* against an expected [hash] using [key]. Returns 0 on failure, 1 on success.
int RSAVerify(const RSAPublicKey *key,
const uint8_t* sig,
const uint32_t sig_len,
const uint8_t sig_type,
const uint8_t* hash);
/* Perform RSA signature verification on [buf] of length [len] against expected
* signature [sig] using signature algorithm [algorithm]. The public key used
* for verification can either be in the form of a pre-process key blob
* [key_blob] or RSAPublicKey structure [key]. One of [key_blob] or [key] must
* be non-NULL, and the other NULL or the function will fail.
* Returns 1 on verification success, 0 on verification failure or invalid
* arguments.
* Note: This function is for use in the firmware and assumes all pointers point
* to areas in the memory of the right size.
int RSAVerifyBinary_f(const uint8_t* key_blob,
const RSAPublicKey* key,
const uint8_t* buf,
uint64_t len,
const uint8_t* sig,
unsigned int algorithm);
/* Version of RSAVerifyBinary_f() where instead of the raw binary blob
* of data, its digest is passed as the argument. */
int RSAVerifyBinaryWithDigest_f(const uint8_t* key_blob,
const RSAPublicKey* key,
const uint8_t* digest,
const uint8_t* sig,
unsigned int algorithm);
/* ----Some additional utility functions for RSA.---- */
/* Returns the size of a pre-processed RSA public key in
* [out_size] with the algorithm [algorithm].
* Returns 1 on success, 0 on failure.
uint64_t RSAProcessedKeySize(uint64_t algorithm, uint64_t* out_size);
/* Allocate a new RSAPublicKey structure and initialize its pointer fields to
* NULL */
RSAPublicKey* RSAPublicKeyNew(void);
/* Deep free the contents of [key]. */
void RSAPublicKeyFree(RSAPublicKey* key);
/* Create a RSAPublic key structure from binary blob [buf] of length
* [len].
* Caller owns the returned key and must free it.
RSAPublicKey* RSAPublicKeyFromBuf(const uint8_t* buf, uint64_t len);