Decompress images in vboot wrapper, not in BIOS.

The vboot library needs to decompress the images so that it can handle those
that are special cases (like rendering the HWID). This means that 1) it
needs access to the BIOS' native decompression routine, and 2) that
VbExDisplayImage() only needs to handle the uncompressed native-format image
and doesn't need to know about how the image is packed in the GBB.


This requires a change to vboot_api.h, which requires a (simultaneous)
matching change to the BIOS, at least for U-Boot, which builds separately.
I've made that change and run the "vbexport_test display" command from the
modified U-Boot, but that also requires a change to the way U-Boot is built
so that I can get at the U-Boot commandline.

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