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/* Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Defines EFI related structure. See more details in EFI 2.3 spec.
* To download EFI standard, please visit UEFI homepage:
#include <stdint.h>
#define GPT_HEADER_REVISION 0x00010000
/* The first 3 numbers should be stored in network-endian format
* according to the GUID RFC. The UEFI spec appendix A claims they
* should be stored in little-endian format. But they need to be
* _displayed_ in network-endian format, which is also how they're
* documented in the specs.
* Since what we have here are little-endian constants, they're
* byte-swapped from the normal display order. */
#define GPT_ENT_TYPE_EFI \
#define UUID_NODE_LEN 6
#define GUID_SIZE 16
/* GUID definition.
* Defined in appendix A of EFI standard.
typedef struct {
union {
struct {
uint32_t time_low;
uint16_t time_mid;
uint16_t time_high_and_version;
uint8_t clock_seq_high_and_reserved;
uint8_t clock_seq_low;
uint8_t node[UUID_NODE_LEN];
} Uuid;
uint8_t raw[GUID_SIZE];
} u;
} __attribute__((packed)) Guid;
/* GPT header defines how many partitions exist on a drive and sectors managed.
* For every drive device, there are 2 headers, primary and secondary.
* Most of fields are duplicated except my_lba and entries_lba.
* You may find more details in chapter 5 of EFI standard.
typedef struct {
char signature[8];
uint32_t revision;
uint32_t size;
uint32_t header_crc32;
uint32_t reserved;
uint64_t my_lba;
uint64_t alternate_lba;
uint64_t first_usable_lba;
uint64_t last_usable_lba;
Guid disk_uuid;
uint64_t entries_lba;
uint32_t number_of_entries;
uint32_t size_of_entry;
uint32_t entries_crc32;
uint8_t padding[512 - 92]; /* Pad to end of sector */
} GptHeader;
/* GPT partition entry defines the starting and ending LBAs of a partition.
* It also contains the unique GUID, type, and attribute bits.
* You may find more details in chapter 5 of EFI standard.
typedef struct {
Guid type;
Guid unique;
uint64_t starting_lba;
uint64_t ending_lba;
uint64_t attributes;
uint16_t name[36]; /* UTF-16 encoded partition name */
} GptEntry;