vboot/secdata: rewrite rollback_index and centralize reads/writes

In current kernel verification code, secdata reads and writes
are spread throughout the code.  vboot2's design is to use
vb2_context.secdata_* for storing the state of secdata spaces,
and have the caller (depthcharge) read/save this field when

Centralize secdata reads/writes into the functions of
secdata_tpm.c, previously known as rollback_index.c.
Functions which directly read/write to the TPM space are modified
to use vb2_secdata_*_get and vb2_secdata_*_set.

The secure spaces get read/flushed by functions in
vboot_api_kernel.c.  These calls and the underlying functions
from secdata_tpm.c will eventually be relocated to depthcharge.

Create a new external function vb2ex_commit_data, which commits
any modified nvdata/secdata.  Currently the depthcharge
implementation of this function only writes nvdata, but once
secdata TPM drivers have been migrated from vboot_reference to
depthcharge, it will also commit these data spaces.

This CL also removes the VbExNvStorageRead call from
vb2_kernel_setup, and the data is instead read in depthcharge
CL:1819379, right before calling VbSelectAndLoadKernel.

As such, both the VbExNvStorageRead and VbExNvStorageWrite
functions may be removed.

Finally, create a vb2_secdata_kernel_lock function, which should
be used right before attempting to leave vboot (by booting an OS
or chainloading to another firmware).  This should eventually be
exposed as a vb2ex_ API function and relocated to depthcharge.

BUG=b:124141368, chromium:972956, chromium:1006689
TEST=make clean && make runtests

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