Fix test suite deficiencies.

While trying to debug/test some vbutil_kernel changes
(coming in a different CL) it was noticed that this utility
is not covered by tests, and the script which runs it to set
up further testing (tests/ fails
because of the key format mismatch.

Some investigation has shown that this was left behind when
vboot_reference key storage format was changed.

To make work again a new set of test
keys is required, the keys are generated by
tests/ This utility had to be changed to
generate the proper set of wrapped public and private keys.

Actually code in tests/gen_test_keys.shgenerate_keys() is
copied in pasted in many scripts in this tree, this has to
be refactored, but under a different CL.

Once the changes were made, two scripts were run:

resulting in the new and updated keys generated.

firmware/stub/tpm_lite_stub.c was edited to fix compilation
warning issued when compiling with debugging enabled.

Change-Id: I26a45cbad00d21a29195f2a89b4df7d3559133fe

TEST=described below

The following commands succeed:

make runtests

note that  ./tests/ was failing
before this change.

The upcoming CL modifying vbutil_kernel will make sure is executed when tests are run and
will enhance it to cover vbutil_kernel testing.

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