This is necessary to pass additional information about whether firmware A or B is being run.  This change also passes the GBB directly into LoadFirmware() and LoadKernel().

Change-Id: I976c11c82c3d665a4feb88226e919f16c2440f60

TEST=manual - see below

make && make runtests

Then test verifying a test image in both dev mode (-b1, no key specified) and recovery mode (key specified)

build/utility/load_kernel_test -b1 ~/b/USB_images/

build/utility/load_kernel_test ~/b/USB_images/ tests/devkeys/recovery_key.vbpubk

And make sure the firmware with this change actually boots to USB and SSD.

NOTE: u-boot-next needs to change to work with this change.  will attempt a follow-up CL with that change

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