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/* Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Display functions used in kernel selection.
#include "bmpblk_font.h"
#include "vboot_api.h"
#include "vboot_nvstorage.h"
VbError_t VbDisplayScreenFromGBB(VbCommonParams *cparams, uint32_t screen,
VbNvContext *vncptr);
VbError_t VbDisplayScreen(VbCommonParams *cparams, uint32_t screen, int force,
VbNvContext *vncptr);
VbError_t VbDisplayDebugInfo(VbCommonParams *cparams, VbNvContext *vncptr);
VbError_t VbCheckDisplayKey(VbCommonParams *cparams, uint32_t key,
VbNvContext *vncptr);
/* Internal functions, for unit testing */
typedef FontArrayHeader VbFont_t;
VbFont_t *VbInternalizeFontData(FontArrayHeader *fonthdr);
void VbDoneWithFontForNow(VbFont_t *ptr);
ImageInfo *VbFindFontGlyph(VbFont_t *font, uint32_t ascii,
void **bufferptr, uint32_t *buffersize);
* Try to display the specified text at a particular position.
void VbRenderTextAtPos(const char *text, int right_to_left,
uint32_t x, uint32_t y, VbFont_t *font);
* Return a description of the recovery reason code.
const char *RecoveryReasonString(uint8_t code);
* Return a fixed string representing the HWID.
const char *VbHWID(VbCommonParams *cparams);
* Get the number of localizations in the GBB bitmap data.
VbError_t VbGetLocalizationCount(VbCommonParams *cparams, uint32_t *count);