firmware: Include vb1 shared data in vb2 struct

Currently, firmware verification uses entirely vb2 structs, including
vb2_shared_data.  This goes through an ugly translation to the old vb1
VbSharedData to pass it to depthcharge.  The vboot kernel verification
maintains an equally ugly translation back to the vb2 struct

Eventually, we want to get rid of all that and use vb2 all the way
down to what crossystem picks up from the OS.

But before we can do that, we need to finish translating kernel
verification code to use the new vb2 structs.  This is a step on that
path, using vb2_shared_data equivalents where present and hiding the
old vb1 shared data struct as a member of vb2_shared_data so at least
the vboot functions don't need to pass around cparams to get at it.

This will be followed by more CLs which convert more vboot internals
to use vb2 structs directly, and eventually coreboot/depthcharge CLs
which pass the vb2 structs from firmware verification directly to
kernel verification.

No change in functionality.

TEST=make -j runtests; build bob firmware and boot it

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