Revert "vboot/vboot_kernel: update keyblock flag mismatch logic"

This reverts commit 0902a08d74f090b747f59de616abfdf2131b1ae3.

Reason for revert: This causes issues with booting, at least on the guybrush platform.

TEST=See OS boot failures with this patch in place.  Remove patch and guybrush boots fine again.

Original change's description:
> vboot/vboot_kernel: update keyblock flag mismatch logic
> A keyblock flag mismatch should cause keyblock verification to
> fail regardless of whether a valid keyblock is required (i.e.
> self-signed keyblock case).
> This CL is part of a series to merge vboot1 and vboot2.0
> kernel verification code; see b/181739551.
> BUG=b:181739551
> TEST=make clean && make runtests
> BRANCH=none
> Signed-off-by: Joel Kitching <>
> Change-Id: I47096ab7fcf0fbd47a46a9a92a5406e9aa9b3596
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Julius Werner <>
> Tested-by: Joel Kitching <>
> Commit-Queue: Joel Kitching <>

Bug: b:181739551
Change-Id: Ie778fd669bc072ba526d2082a3418208d6b28472
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Tested-by: Martin Roth <>
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