vboot: new streaming APIs

This patch adds three functions called from vboot into depthcharge to
support NAND. NAND needs to stream rather than be accessed randomly
in order to skip bad blocks. The intended flow from vboot1 is:
- Read the GPT from a NAND disk handle, and depthcharge will silently
  fill it in with reads from from SPI
- When a partition is selected, open a stream on the volume to access
- Sequentially read the NAND partition
- Close the NAND stream
This can be done multiple times when trying different partitions. The
stream is associated with the GPT by reading/opening a stream from the
same disk handle.

This patch includes stub implementations by rspangler to translate the
stream calls to block device calls.

To reduce vboot code duplication, this flow will be done for all media
types eventually, but a STREAMING flag is included to ease the transition.
The draft depthcharge code can be found at

TEST=stub implementations pass unit tests; together with upcoming depthcharge
and vboot code, actually boots a kernel. This compiles by itself.

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