Revert "crossystem: arm: switch to VBNV using flashrom from mosys"

This reverts commit 9a923c7dba003a5ddbc55937469c975689effa62.

Reason for revert:

Original change's description:
> crossystem: arm: switch to VBNV using flashrom from mosys
> Most ARM platforms will store VBNV in SPI flash by calling out to
> mosys, which in turn calls out to flashrom.
> The set of parent CLs to this commit port this functionality from
> mosys directly to vboot's host libraries.  This CL switches to use the
> new functionality.
> (The CL to switch is provided as a separate CL for ARM only so it's an
> easy and clean revert should something go wrong.)
> BUG=chromium:1032351,chromium:1030473,chromium:789276
> BRANCH=none
> TEST=On scarlet, read and write VBNV using crossystem
> Signed-off-by: Jack Rosenthal <>
> Change-Id: I1949522b665170ebeb35f3c46177f1957980d6a3
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Joel Kitching <>

Bug: chromium:1032351, chromium:1030473, chromium:789276
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