vboot: Plumb the two disk sizes and 'gpt on device' param through

To support an external GPT, disks have two new attributes:
- A binary flag indicating whether the GPT is in the same address
  space as the payloads or a separate one.
- The number of sectors of the streaming portion of storage, as
  opposed to the portion containing the GPT.
These have been added elsewhere to GptData (in cgptlib) and BlockDev
(in depthcharge). This patch adds the plumbing between those, including
in the DiskInfo interface between the firmware and vboot.

TEST=Interactively wrote the GPT with cgpt and observed the following
boot with depthcharge to read the GPT from SPI and then read from
the proper locations in NAND flash.
make runalltests passes.

Signed-off-by: Dan Ehrenberg <dehrenberg@chromium.org>
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