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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cgpt.h"
// This file defines the internal methods that use the user-mode cgpt programatically.
// This is the interface for the callers such as the cgpt tool or the C++ post installer
// executable.
typedef struct CgptCreateParams {
char *drive_name;
int zap;
} CgptCreateParams;
typedef struct CgptAddParams {
char *drive_name;
uint32_t partition;
uint64_t begin;
uint64_t size;
Guid type_guid;
Guid unique_guid;
char *label;
int successful;
int tries;
int priority;
uint16_t raw_value;
int set_begin;
int set_size;
int set_type;
int set_unique;
int set_successful;
int set_tries;
int set_priority;
int set_raw;
} CgptAddParams;
typedef struct CgptShowParams {
char *drive_name;
int numeric;
int verbose;
int quick;
uint32_t partition;
int single_item;
int debug;
// This is filled in by the relevant methods in cgpt_show.c
int num_partitions;
} CgptShowParams;
typedef struct CgptRepairParams {
char *drive_name;
int verbose;
} CgptRepairParams;
typedef struct CgptBootParams {
char *drive_name;
uint32_t partition;
char *bootfile;
int create_pmbr;
} CgptBootParams;
typedef struct CgptPrioritizeParams {
char *drive_name;
uint32_t set_partition;
int set_friends;
int max_priority;
int orig_priority;
} CgptPrioritizeParams;
typedef struct CgptFindParams {
char *drive_name;
int verbose;
int set_unique;
int set_type;
int set_label;
int oneonly;
int numeric;
uint8_t *matchbuf;
uint64_t matchlen;
uint64_t matchoffset;
uint8_t *comparebuf;
Guid unique_guid;
Guid type_guid;
char *label;
int hits;
int match_partnum; // 0 for no match, 1-N for match
} CgptFindParams;
// create related methods.
int cgpt_create(CgptCreateParams *params);
// add/attribute/details related methods
int cgpt_add(CgptAddParams *params);
int cgpt_set_attributes(CgptAddParams *params);
int cgpt_get_partition_details(CgptAddParams *params);
// boot related methods.
int cgpt_boot(CgptBootParams *params);
int cgpt_get_boot_partition_number(CgptBootParams *params);
// show/get related methods.
int cgpt_show(CgptShowParams *params);
int cgpt_get_num_non_empty_partitions(CgptShowParams *params);
// repair related methods.
int cgpt_repair(CgptRepairParams *params);
// priority related methods.
int cgpt_prioritize(CgptPrioritizeParams *params);
// find related methods.
void cgpt_find(CgptFindParams *params);