Make vboot_reference build in MSVC command line environment.

This is a mostly NOOP change which modifies the source code
to compile cleanly in the MSVC command line build

A new makefile is introduced (msc/nmakefile) along with a
README.txt in the same directory explaining how to build
the code in the DOS window. As of this submission the build
is running in a 32 bit environment, the intention is to use
the same makefile for 64 bit builds in the future.

Enabling high compilation warnings level allowed to
identify a couple of bugs in the code which are being fixed.

Not all sources are being compiled in the MSVC environment,
only those in firmware/ and most of those in test/
subdirectories. The benchmark calculations require porting
of the timer facilities and are being postponed.


Built in DOS and linux environments. Ran unit tests in
linux environment.

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34 files changed