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Kevin O'Connor2ad37442008-05-06 19:49:01 -04001Review changes committed to coreboot, virtualbox, qemu, kvm, and bochs
2cvs tip.
Kevin O'Connor99373862008-10-25 23:10:27 -04003 * bochs cvs 20081016: -- better post resume support
4 * coreboot (r3348): 20060708 -- no noteworthy enhancements
5 * qemu (r5536): 20080603 -- has cmos smp count
Kevin O'Connor970a0322008-10-26 12:01:21 -04006 * kvm (1a33292): 20071016 -- acpi dsdt changes, e820 vmx
Kevin O'Connor99373862008-10-25 23:10:27 -04007 pages, setup mtrrs, clear tsc, acpi intsrcovr table, different pci
8 irqs, smbios always uses 16 cpus, no acpi ssdt, fadt->gpe0_blk set
9 * virtualbox (r13560): 20061231 -- lots of mouse changes, logo,
10 scsi/etherboot hooks, int 1589, floppy data rate?, int19 calls
11 post
Kevin O'Connor2ad37442008-05-06 19:49:01 -040012
Kevin O'Connor5c4a8c62008-05-12 23:50:16 -040013Look into ways to reduce stack usage. Alter ISRs so that they do not
14enable irqs. Only call out to other bios functions after minimizing
15stack usage.
Kevin O'Connor2ad37442008-05-06 19:49:01 -040016
Kevin O'Connor7a558e42008-03-11 20:38:33 -040017Audit all sti/cli calls. Audit all call16 calls to make sure flags is
18setup properly with respect to irqs.
Kevin O'Connor44c631d2008-03-02 11:24:36 -050019
Kevin O'Connored128492008-03-11 11:14:59 -040020Audit statements where a 32bit intermediary changes meaning of a 16bit
Kevin O'Connor63dbcfb2008-03-01 22:17:07 -050023Code assumes ebda segment is static - it doesn't read 0x40e.
Kevin O'Connorb8aacb02008-03-01 14:56:07 -050025The __call16 code does a long jump to the interrupt trampolines - this
26is unnecessary.
Kevin O'Connorf076a3e2008-02-25 22:25:15 -050027
Kevin O'Connorf076a3e2008-02-25 22:25:15 -050028Cleanup setting of ES on GET/SET_BDA
Kevin O'Connor99373862008-10-25 23:10:27 -040030Audit code for 16bit protected mode accesses. Support 1ab1 from 16bit
Kevin O'Connor3f168b62008-11-29 13:22:29 -050031protected mode. The BDA is technically at segment 0x0040 (not
Kevin O'Connor65e63422008-07-19 14:12:32 -040033
Kevin O'Connor2ad37442008-05-06 19:49:01 -040034Possibly implement 32bit pcibios support.
Kevin O'Connorf076a3e2008-02-25 22:25:15 -050035
36Allow one to select adding 32 bit code to 0xf000 or in a separate
Kevin O'Connor65e63422008-07-19 14:12:32 -040039See if it is possible to handle interrupts while in 32bit mode.
Kevin O'Connorf13b0082008-08-17 11:26:42 -040041Add a kconfig style configuration program instead of requiring users
42to modify config.h.
Kevin O'Connor22dfb852008-06-07 15:24:19 -040044Look at integrating the lgpl vgabios into tree.
Kevin O'Connor65e63422008-07-19 14:12:32 -040045
46Look at usb booting specs. Look at possibly supporting usb
49Add a graphical boot splash screen?