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Review changes committed to coreboot, virtualbox, qemu, kvm, and bochs
cvs tip.
* bochs cvs (20100104):
-- changes synched
* coreboot (r3348): (bochs 20060708)
-- no noteworthy enhancements
* qemu - now uses SeaBIOS
* kvm - now uses SeaBIOS
* virtualbox (r13560): (bochs 20061231)
-- lots of mouse changes, logo, scsi/etherboot hooks,
floppy data rate?, int19 calls post
The __call16 code does a long jump to the interrupt trampolines - this
is unnecessary.
Support PCIv3 roms? Add support for PCI "configuration code"
Possibly add option to eliminate tsc based delays on emulators.
Possibly support sending debug information over EHCI debug port.