Implementation of the TCG BIOS extensions

This patch implements the main part of the TCG BIOS extensions. It provides
the following functionality:

- initialization of the TCPA ACPI table used for logging of measurements
- initialization of the TPM by sending a sequence of commands to it
- proper setup of the TPM before the BIOS hands over control to the bootloader
- support for S3 resume; BIOS sends TPM_Startup(ST_STATE) to TPM
- enable configuration of SeaBIOS to be built with TCGBIOS extensions
  All TCG BIOS extensions are activated with CONFIG_TCGBIOS.

Structures that are needed in subsequent patches are also included in
tcgbios.h at this point.

The effect of this patch is that it initialized the TPM upon VM start
and S3 resume.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <>
9 files changed
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