detect physical address space size

Check for pae and long mode using cpuid.  If present also read the
physical address bits.  Apply some qemu sanity checks (see below).
Record results in PhysBits and LongMode variables.  In case we are not
sure what the address space size is leave the PhysBits variable unset.

On qemu we have the problem that for historical reasons x86_64
processors advertise 40 physical address space bits by default, even in
case the host supports less than that so actually using the whole
address space will not work.

Because of that the code applies some extra sanity checks in case we
find 40 (or less) physical address space bits advertised.  Only
known-good values (which is 40 for amd processors and 36+39 for intel
processors) will be accepted as valid.

Recommendation is to use 'qemu -cpu ${name},host-phys-bits=on' to
advertise valid physical address space bits to the guest.  Some distro
builds enable this by default, and most likely the qemu default will
change in near future too.

Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <>
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