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# Copyright (C) 2011 Red Hat, Inc., Michael S. Tsirkin <>
# This file may be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license.
# Read a preprocessed ASL listing and put each ACPI_EXTRACT
# directive in a comment, to make iasl skip it.
# We also put each directive on a new line, the machinery
# in tools/ requires this.
import re
import sys
import fileinput
def die(diag):
sys.stderr.write("Error: %s\n" % (diag))
# Note: () around pattern make split return matched string as part of list
psplit = re.compile(r''' (
\b # At word boundary
ACPI_EXTRACT_\w+ # directive
\s+ # some whitespace
\w+ # array name
)''', re.VERBOSE)
lineno = 0
for line in fileinput.input():
# line number and debug string to output in case of errors
lineno = lineno + 1
debug = "input line %d: %s" % (lineno, line.rstrip())
s = psplit.split(line)
# The way split works, each odd item is the matching ACPI_EXTRACT directive.
# Put each in a comment, and on a line by itself.
for i in range(len(s)):
if (i % 2):
sys.stdout.write("\n/* %s */\n" % s[i])