Consistently use CONFIG_COREBOOT, CONFIG_QEMU, and runningOnXen().

CONFIG_QEMU means compile to start from QEMU (and possibly
Xen/KVM/Bochs) and definitely running under QEMU (or Xen/KVM/Bochs).

CONFIG_COREBOOT means compile for coreboot and definitely running
under coreboot.  Places that used CONFIG_COREBOOT to mean "running on
real hardware" have been changed to use !CONFIG_QEMU.

CONFIG_QEMU_HARDWARE enables support for some virtual hardware devices
even if QEMU didn't start SeaBIOS.

usingXen() is replaced by runningOnXen().

runningOnQEMU() is added to hardware devices that are only safe to
access when we are sure we are running under QEMU (or Xen/KVM/Bochs).
Neither the coreboot nor the csm code currently enable runningOnQEMU,
but future patches may.

Signed-off-by: Kevin O'Connor <>
25 files changed