pvscsi: Always run entirely in 32bit mode.

Instead of jumping into 32bit mode to access the PCI config space, run
the entire driver in 32bit mode.

Signed-off-by: Kevin O'Connor <kevin@koconnor.net>
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index aba8a62..414c90a 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -34,11 +34,11 @@
     hw/usb-hid.c hw/usb-msc.c hw/usb-uas.c \
     hw/blockcmd.c hw/floppy.c hw/ata.c hw/ramdisk.c \
     hw/virtio-ring.c hw/virtio-pci.c hw/virtio-blk.c hw/virtio-scsi.c \
-    hw/lsi-scsi.c hw/esp-scsi.c hw/megasas.c hw/pvscsi.c
+    hw/lsi-scsi.c hw/esp-scsi.c hw/megasas.c
 SRC16=$(SRCBOTH) system.c disk.c font.c
 SRC32FLAT=$(SRCBOTH) post.c memmap.c malloc.c pmm.c romfile.c optionroms.c \
     boot.c bootsplash.c jpeg.c bmp.c \
-    hw/ahci.c hw/usb-hub.c \
+    hw/ahci.c hw/pvscsi.c hw/usb-hub.c \
     fw/coreboot.c fw/lzmadecode.c fw/csm.c fw/biostables.c \
     fw/paravirt.c fw/shadow.c fw/pciinit.c fw/smm.c fw/mtrr.c fw/xen.c \
     fw/acpi.c fw/mptable.c fw/pirtable.c fw/smbios.c fw/romfile_loader.c