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 [releases](Releases) page for information on recent releases. See the
 [download](Download) page to obtain SeaBIOS.
+[SeaVGABIOS](SeaVGABIOS) is a sub-project of SeaBIOS.
 Please join the [mailing list](Mailinglist) to contribute to
 SeaBIOS. Information on the internals of SeaBIOS is available on the
 [Developer Documentation](Developer Documentation) page.
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+SeaVGABIOS is a sub-project of the SeaBIOS project - it is an open
+source implementation of a 16bit X86
+[VGA BIOS]( SeaVGABIOS is the
+default VGA BIOS on [QEMU]( SeaVGABIOS can also
+run natively on some X86 VGA hardware with
+Building SeaVGABIOS
+To build SeaVGABIOS, obtain the [code](Download), run `make
+menuconfig` and select the type of VGA BIOS to build in the "VGA ROM"
+menu. Once selected, run `make` and the final VGA BIOS binary will be
+located in "out/vgabios.bin".
+The choice of available VGA BIOSes within "make menuconfig" is
+dependent on whether CONFIG_QEMU, CONFIG_COREBOOT, or CONFIG_CSM is
+selected. Also, the debug options under the "Debugging" menu apply to
+SeaVGABIOS. All other options found in "make menuconfig" apply only to
+SeaBIOS and will not impact the SeaVGABIOS build.
+If SeaVGABIOS is needed for multiple different devices (eg, QEMU's
+cirrus emulation and QEMU's "dispi" emulation), then one must compile
+SeaVGABIOS multiple times with the appropriate config for each build.
+SeaVGABIOS code
+The source code for SeaVGABIOS is located in the SeaBIOS
+[git repository](Download). The main VGA BIOS code is located in the
+"vgasrc/" directory.
+The SeaVGABIOS builds to a separate binary from the main SeaBIOS
+binary, and much of the VGA BIOS code is separate from the main BIOS
+code. However, much of the SeaBIOS
+[developer documentation](Developer_Documentation) applies to
+SeaVGABIOS. To contribute, please join the
+[SeaBIOS mailing list](Mailinglist).