hw/usb-hid: Don't abort if setting key repeat rate fails

Since the USB stack doesn't handle stalled pipes,
don't abort keyboard setup if the set_idle command fails,
since it's a non-critical feature. Instead, log a warning.

Test: build/boot Google Pixel Slate, observe keyboard functional

Reviewed-by: Paul Menzel <pmenzel@molgen.mpg.de>
Signed-off-by: Matt DeVillier <matt.devillier@gmail.com>
diff --git a/src/hw/usb-hid.c b/src/hw/usb-hid.c
index 5965304..a22765b 100644
--- a/src/hw/usb-hid.c
+++ b/src/hw/usb-hid.c
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@
     // Periodically send reports to enable key repeat.
     ret = set_idle(usbdev->defpipe, KEYREPEATMS);
     if (ret)
-        return -1;
+        dprintf(3, "Warning: Failed to set key repeat rate\n");
     keyboard_pipe = usb_alloc_pipe(usbdev, epdesc);
     if (!keyboard_pipe)