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// Misc function and variable declarations.
#ifndef __STACKS_H
#define __STACKS_H
#include "types.h" // u32
// stacks.c
u32 call32(void *func, u32 eax, u32 errret);
extern u8 ExtraStack[], *StackPos;
u32 stack_hop(u32 eax, u32 edx, void *func);
u32 stack_hop_back(u32 eax, u32 edx, void *func);
int on_extra_stack(void);
struct bregs;
void farcall16(struct bregs *callregs);
void farcall16big(struct bregs *callregs);
void __call16_int(struct bregs *callregs, u16 offset);
#define call16_int(nr, callregs) do { \
extern void irq_trampoline_ ##nr (); \
__call16_int((callregs), (u32)&irq_trampoline_ ##nr ); \
} while (0)
void reset(void);
extern struct thread_info MainThread;
struct thread_info *getCurThread(void);
void yield(void);
void yield_toirq(void);
void thread_init(void);
int threads_during_optionroms(void);
void run_thread(void (*func)(void*), void *data);
void wait_threads(void);
struct mutex_s { u32 isLocked; };
void mutex_lock(struct mutex_s *mutex);
void mutex_unlock(struct mutex_s *mutex);
void start_preempt(void);
void finish_preempt(void);
int wait_preempt(void);
void check_preempt(void);
u32 call32_params(void *func, u32 eax, u32 edx, u32 ecx, u32 errret);
// Inline functions
// Check if a call to stack_hop_back is needed.
static inline int
return !MODESEGMENT || on_extra_stack();
#endif // stacks.h