This page is intended for developers interested in understanding and enhancing SeaBIOS. Please also consider joining the mailing list.

The SeaBIOS code can be obtained via the download page. Please see the README file in the source code repository for information on building SeaBIOS. For specific information on building SeaBIOS for coreboot, please see the coreboot SeaBIOS page. For information on building SeaBIOS for use as a Compatibility Support Module with UEFI, please see the README.CSM file in the source code repository.

See details on [building SeaBIOS](Build overview).

There is also information on the SeaBIOS [Memory Model](Memory Model).

Along with information on SeaBIOS [Execution and code flow](Execution and code flow).

To debug SeaBIOS and report problems see SeaBIOS debugging.

Useful links to specifications is available at [Developer links](Developer links).