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Review changes committed to coreboot, virtualbox, qemu, kvm, and bochs
cvs tip.
* bochs cvs 20081208: -- synched
* coreboot (r3348): 20060708 -- no noteworthy enhancements
* qemu (r6125): 20080603 -- acpi hpet table
* kvm (1a33292): 20081016 -- acpi dsdt changes, e820 vmx
pages, setup mtrrs, clear tsc, acpi intsrcovr table, different pci
irqs, smbios always uses 16 cpus, no acpi ssdt, fadt->gpe0_blk set
* virtualbox (r13560): 20061231 -- lots of mouse changes, logo,
scsi/etherboot hooks, int 1589, floppy data rate?, int19 calls
Possibly introduce a data type for the many seg/off pairs.
Audit all sti/cli calls. Audit all call16 calls to make sure flags is
setup properly with respect to irqs.
The __call16 code does a long jump to the interrupt trampolines - this
is unnecessary.
Possibly implement 32bit pcibios support.
Allow one to select adding 32 bit code to 0xf000 or in a separate
Implement bios post memory manager (PMM)?
Add support for calling BCVs (and registering ATA drives) in a user
selectable manor.
Possibly add option to eliminate tsc based delays on emulators.
Add a kconfig style configuration program instead of requiring users
to modify config.h.
Look at integrating the lgpl vgabios into tree.
Look at usb booting specs. Look at possibly supporting usb
Add a graphical boot splash screen?