OpenSBI Firmware with Jump Address FW_JUMP

OpenSBI firmware with Jump Address (FW_JUMP) is a firmware which only handles the address of the next booting stage entry, e.g. a bootloader or an OS kernel, without directly including the binary code for this next stage.

A FW_JUMP firmware is particularly useful when the booting stage executed prior to the OpenSBI firmware is capable of loading both the OpenSBI firmware and the booting stage binary to follow the OpenSBI firmware.

FW_JUMP Compilation

A platform FW_JUMP firmware can be enabled by any of the following methods:

  1. Specifying FW_JUMP=y on the top level make command line.
  2. Specifying FW_JUMP=y in the target platform configuration file.

The compiled FW_JUMP firmware ELF file is named fw_jump.elf. Its expanded image file is fw_jump.bin. Both files are created in the platform-specific build directory under the build/platform/<platform_subdir>/firmware directory.

FW_JUMP Firmware Configuration Options

To operate correctly, a FW_JUMP firmware requires some configuration parameters to be defined using either the top level make command line or the target platform configuration file. The possible parameters are as follows:

  • FW_JUMP_ADDR - Address of the entry point of the booting stage to be executed following OpenSBI firmware. This address generally corresponds exactly to the address where this next booting stage was loaded. This is a mandatory parameter. Compilation errors will result from not defining this address.

  • FW_JUMP_FDT_ADDR - Address where the flattened device tree (FDT file) passed by the prior booting stage will be placed in memory before executing the booting stage following the OpenSBI firmware. If this option is not provided, then the OpenSBI firmware will pass the FDT address passed by the previous booting stage to the next booting stage.

FW_JUMP Example

The qemu/virt platform illustrates how to configure and use a FW_JUMP firmware. Detailed information regarding these platforms can be found in the platform documentation files.